Join the inspiring #WEWILLKEEPWALKING campaign and offset carbon emissions, simply by enjoying a drink.

As you explore The Fields, you’ll see at many of our bars an intriguing “Mangrove Drink”. Sponsored by Johnnie Walker, this is much more than just a cocktail: for each and every one that is ordered, a mangrove tree is planted in the delta region of Myanmar. Mangroves are miracle plants with the ability to absorb and mitigate up to a tonne of CO2 over a lifespan, which is five times the rate of dry forests. What’s more, since they grow in salt water, they also protect communities from floods, filter the water for coral reefs, and act as a biodiversity nursery. Just by buying a drink, you can add to the growing mangrove forest in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar and increase the positive effect it’s having on our planet.

So, when you’re sipping one of these delicious cocktails in The Fields, make sure you tell anyone who asks about the special cup you’re holding that you’ve just helped plant a mangrove tree and encourage them to do the same. Meanwhile, post a selfie with your Mangrove Drink, hashtag it #WEWILLKEEPWALKING and tell the rest of the world too!

To find our more information on how every small step make a difference for a better tomorrow, please visit www.wewillkeepwalking.com