Our Ethos

Wonderfruit is an annual celebration of art, music and life, where fun and social responsibility can go hand in hand as a joyful adventure. We aspire to be a catalyst for positive change and seek to find creative ways to live sustainably and responsibly, and to have a net positive influence on our planet.

With that in mind, we pledge to offset the carbon footprint created by Wonderfruit by investing in the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve, a diverse, rich ecosystem in Indonesia. Wonderfruit ticket holders are participating in an ecologically-conscious event, and are helping to protect a thriving and precious natural resource.


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Avid festival goers around the world need to direct their attention to southeast Asia; the magic, promise of sustainability, music and arts, diversity and intimacy that Wonderfruit brings is like no other.

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Wonderfruit is pioneering new grounds musically and technically with its creative direction and cultural diversity.

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Wonderfruit is offering a new type of festival for Southeast Asia, a festival that boasts respect, transformation, education, introspection and enlightenment through music, art, healing, and teaching.

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As a multi-sensory experience, the festival benefits greatly from this socially conscious focus, and as a result, emerges as a destination festival in Thailand.

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It is truly a meaningful festival that promotes individual growth and global inclusion on an artistic platform.

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