Over the past two years, Wonderfruit has brought creative culture-seekers from all over the world together in Thailand. A unique, diverse community that celebrates positive social impacts is growing fast in an environment where sustainable living is promoted through fun and adventure.

At Wonderfruit, participation is key and here you can immerse yourself in the arts, express yourself freely and exchange ideas by interacting with a group that shares a common vision and purpose, building collective force. We think that it’s with this momentum that possibilities can be discovered and also made real. We encourage those with a passion to share it with the wider Wonderfruit community, each year calling for skill sharers who respond by coming to lead workshops in anything from mask-making to capoeira. In 2015, our Sharing Neighbourhood and our Artisan Market became havens for creativity, where hill-tribe communities taught traditional indigo dyeing techniques and master craftsmen helped participants make their own Pattani kites, dreamcatchers and wood carvings. In Forbidden Fruit, Bangkok’s swing dancers gave Wonderers a crash course in jazzy moves and in the Goddess Camp, a team of experts guided participants through meditation, crystal healing and interpretive dance.

We believe that as participants become mindful of their own potential, they discover their power to do their part for society and the environment. If you have a skill to share at Wonderfruit, tell us about it here.