Meet installation artist, OVERSTAND and discover why he’s crowdfunding a skateboard ramp with Asiola to help Wonderers be more mindful.

There are lots of ways to relax, focus and look inwards. At Wonderfruit you can do it through yoga and meditation and, if one creative soul is successful in his mission, skateboarding. OVERSTAND is an experimental artist whose work centers around the ideas of mental and spiritual development. He has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Asiola.com to build a new interactive installation in the form of a bowl ramp.

The project is called “Connect to…Spiralling Movement” and aims to connect people to one another, to nature and to themselves. Inspired by the meditative benefits of drawing spirals, the artist says, “by using the movement of skateboarding, by going round in a circle again and again, I can understand myself more. It gives me a chance to explore within myself.” He hopes to build the 5 meter by 5 meter ramp in The Fields from old and reclaimed wood and invite Wonderers to use it, or to decorate it with painted leaves and and spirals.

It’s only possible, though, if he raises enough money and that’s where crowdfunding comes in. Supporters of the idea can pledge contributions in return for rewards like limited edition T-shirts, a set of trucks and wheels or even a handmade skateboard. If the combined pledges reach the funding goal, we’ll get to see and experience this unique art piece at Wonderfruit. Inspired? Go check out the campaign, get yourself some exclusive skate goodies and be part of making it happen.