Here are a few of the unmissable activities we have lined up for your Wonderfruit Saturday:

10am-5pm: Bamboo weaving in Whale
7pm: Moon by Sight By Storm at Moon
Midnight: Bonafide by ZIEGHT

8pm: Superglasses Ska Ensemble at Farm Stage
11pm: Rudimental at Living Stage
1am: Luna City Express in Forbidden Fruit

10am-2pm: Capoeira for kids in Camp Wonder
2.30pm: Photography walk
10am-8pm Nanny service

Talks & Workshops
10am-6pm: creative activities in The Sharing Neighbourhood
2.25pm: Shark Tales by Andy Cornish in Rainforest Pavilion
5.40pm: John Hardy’s Scratch Talk in Rainforest Pavilion

Farm to Feasts
10am-6pm: Rice milling with Sampran Riverside (plus other farm-based workshops)
12noon: Cocotte’s Wonder Feast

Wellness & Adventures
10am: Discover your divine guides and protectors in Mandala
2pm: Power Hour at GuavaFruit
3pm: Yoga for Jedis and sexy ninjas in Mandala

…and much, much more!