Heads up, musicians: Intermission is back with another chance for you to perform on our main stage.

In the summer of 2015, we teamed up with legendary producer Howie B to create a program that would provide development and an opportunity to up-and-coming unsigned talent. For the past two years now, Howie has worked with a selection of live bands and music acts, fine-tuning their performances during the two weeks leading up to Wonderfruit. When it comes to showtime, we put them on the main stage, where they perform between international headliners. Here’s Howie to talk you through the process:

Among the bands who have taken part, King Kong and the Chum were offered a mini tour of China off the back of their performance and are now working on a new album.

This year we’re looking for another batch of unsigned acts to showcase at Wonderfruit and submissions are open from now until 15 October 2017. Send your demo to intermission@wonderfruitfestival.com to be in the running.