In the summer of 2015, we teamed up with legendary producer Howie B to create an unprecedented opportunity for up-and-coming musicians.

In its first year, Intermission set out to give unsigned artists and bands the chance to perform at a major live music event. From countless submissions, three acts were selected to be mentored by Howie B and spent the two weeks leading up to Wonderfruit rehearsing in a studio in Bangkok, honing their act. When it came to showtime, we put them on the main stage, where they had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to perform between international headliners.

Among the bands, King Kong and the Chum were immediately offered a mini tour of China and are now in talks with Howie B about the production of their new album. Kirk, another artist who performed last year is now head of the management team of Intermission. So, as Howie puts it, “All in all, a great start”

IMG_9375This year, we appealed once again for acts to work with Howie, and applications flooded in. The finalists were selected and this year, Mike Sriviengping, West of East and Asia 7 will play Wonderfruit’s Living Stage; look out for them.