Brought to The Fields by TAT, we’re excited to announce the gorgeous, brand new and innovative structure that will stand in the middle of the Wonderfruit Farm, among our agricultural activities and artistic installations. The Farm Stage is more than just a platform for the musical acts and speakers who will perform on it; it’s a celebration of Thailand’s traditional rice farming culture and the ceremonies that surround it, and as such, it’s fully integrated into the Wonderfruit Farm.

Deeply ingrained (pun intended) in southeast Asian culture, rice plays a central role in so many lives and livelihoods. Our stage is designed by PO-D Architect and Thor. Kaichon and inspired by Isaan farmers who, after the annual harvest, traditionally gather their yields at the center of the village, to build an elaborate structure adorned with their bundles of rice.

Story_Ethos_Farm-stage1The buildings are blessed in religious ceremonies before celebrations take place around them. Then, the bundles are beaten, releasing dried rice grains to the ground. The rice is collected, milled, and distributed back to the community for seasonal consumption.

Story_Ethos_Farm-stage2The Farm Stage, more than just a beautiful performance space, is a demonstration of that story and the sustainability intrinsic in rice farming culture. Its structural frame will be built from bamboo and embellished with bundles of organic rice, grown within the region and supported by Pundee Rice. True to the cultural folk practice that inspired it, we’ll be able to cultivate rice grains from the Farm Stage to share with other communities when Wonderfruit is over.

Find your way to the heart of The Fields to explore the Farm and discover what’s happening on the Farm Stage. Surrounded by workshops and activities including natural fermentation and scarecrow-making, as well as agricultural art installations, the highlights of the program will include yoga sessions and Scratch Talks, as well as local and international musicians and performers. Join us!