Redefining your idea of a beer garden, The Ziggurat has become a favorite spot for Wonderers to get together and enjoy a nice cold Singha.

Inspired by the grand, terraced pyramids of ancient Mesopotamia, Adam Pollina first created the fabulous venue in 2015, using discarded beer paraphernalia. Built from used pallets, crates and boxes, bejeweled with bottle tops and carpeted with recycled plastic prayer mats, it was the ultimate in upcycling. And like all things Wonderfruit, the Ziggurat constantly evolves.

This year, it’ll be even more comfy and cozy with extra cushions and pillows, and re-formatted in a new multi-tier layout, which, Adam assures us, will make it even more ideal for chilling with friends and allow even better views of the world of Wonderfruit going by. Also this year, your Singha-soaked evenings will be illuminated by vast light installations made from glass beer bottles, making the Ziggurat shine like a bright, friendly beacon across The Fields. What’s more, renowned Thai street artists, ALEX FACE is designing a surprise for you inside – look out for it. 

So, come on back to the Ziggurat. It’s the perfect spot to escape from the heat of the day or the madness of the night, sprawl out with friends and a few chilled beers, and relax. Discover the wonders of The Ziggurat by Singha; book your Wonderfruit tickets now.