Wonder Feasts

F.A.C.T. Collective

Saturday 18 February, 7pm Dinner by F.A.C.T. Collective Prepare for a unique dinner curated by F.A.C.T. Collective, featuring chefs Khanaporn “Oom” Janjirdsak and Panupon "Black" Bulsuwan - two experimental experts of regional cuisine.

MENU Welcome Drink Fresh pineapple and ale made from wild licorice and yeast from longan fruits.

Amuse Bouche Wild yeast bread from tea leaves served with halloumi cheese and wild honey.

First Appetizer Indigenous sticky rice cooked with perilla, sweetness from watermelon and southern style dried fish.

Second Appetizer Rice noodle with northern style chilli, served with dried crab curry.

Salad Tea leaf salad served with southern style dressing and sun-dried squid.

Soup Northern style miso soup served with rice, fermented pork and special vegetables from Hin Lard Nai.

Main Course Rice cooked with coconut juice, served with chicken, shrimp paste spicy dip and a black chicken egg.

Dessert Fermented wild lemon served with honey and jelly.

Price: 3,000 baht inclusive of free-flow wine by Italasia Book now